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Tel:025 52233485

Mob.: +86 13451942664;

Add:No.18, Maigaoqiao,Qixia District, Nanjing City, China.

Flourish Glass Company was established in 2011, integrating glass R&D, manufacturing and trade. We are a leading private manufacturer specializing in further-processed glass, such as building glass, furniture glass, appliance glass. We got the int-ernational quality certification of ISO9000 in 2001, the national safety authentication of “CCC” in 2004.
Our main products are flat and curved tempered glass in large scales, flat and curved laminated glass in large scales, flat and bending insulating glass, silkscreen printing glass, colorful ceramic glass, bulletproof glass, fireproof glass, glass walls for buildings, glass for furniture, glass for floors, paper-laminated glass, silk-laminated glass and other kinds of decorative glass.
We are authorized to export on our own. Products from our company are popular not only in domestic markets of building, household and appliance, but also in Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, the United States, Canada, etc.