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If, given the struggling economy, the fortunes of the European market offer limited and fluctuating satisfaction for professionals in the world of glass, all it takes is a glance at the other international markets to quickly lift one’s mood.  Glasstec provided a valid demonstration of just how evident this is, and the bottom line for the four days of the trade show is firmly on the positive side. The general sense is that the recovery, no matter how far from being a certainty, is finally in motion, albeit slowly and spottily. The markets outside the euro area — to a lesser degree North Africa, South America, and especially the United States — offer ample room for cautiously optimistic forecasts for next year.


So, if Glasstec closed on such a positive note, it seems appropriate to get some first-hand impressions from two participants in the Düsseldorf fair who were more than satisfied with the outcome.


Exhibitors at the Düsseldorf show were very pleased with the event: we gleaned some meaningful insights from Intermac-Biesse and SKG.


“We were very favorably impressed with Glasstec. The show proved to be a major draw; we had visitors from all over and, even better, we met with highly motivated companies, and the concrete results produced by the show even exceeded our expectations – confirms Carlo Strappa, Marketing Manager for Intermac. Europe demonstrated its vitality and was well-represented, with outstanding attendance from Eastern European countries that are in an ongoing investment phase. Naturally, the quality of visitors from countries like Great Britain and Germany was significant. The turnout from Russia was good but their approach is more prudent, given the current political-economic climate. On the whole, we can say we are ending 2014 on a good note and starting out confidently in 2015 thanks to the clear signs of recovery in various countries. Next year, Vitrum should also have a favorable impact. We hope we can count on the positive influence of Expo 2015, which will most likely prove a further incentive for the undecided to commit to a trip to Milan”.


The enthusiasm with which Matteo Dal Santo, SKG SrL – Skill Glass Sales Manager, speaks of the Glasstec experience and the year just ended is energizing: “For us, it was the best show in 5 or 6 years. Our participation in the group stand organized by Gimav, a new experience for us, translated into a very pleasant discovery. We made many worthwhile contacts, much more so than in the past, especially from Germany, Holland, Australia, North America and South America. We are a company that specializes in vertical machines and, compared to a year ago, this is a period of enormous growth for us. The market is starting to recover, customers are gearing up and renovating their systems.  We are closing out 2014 with a 30% leap in growth over the previous year and the prospects for 2015 are looking good. Let’s say we are very pleased with the way things are going.”